What are the differences between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash

In recent decades, many advances have been made including the rise of technology to the financial world. In 2008, one of the least expected forms of payment arrived: Bitcoin, surely you already know that it is a virtual currency not backed by any bank entity, in fact on its official page it explains its operation and ways to acquire it, as well as everything about its new currency Bitcoin Cash.

If by chance entering your page is causing you inconvenience, it may be because you are saturated, but there is a safe way to enter. These innovative coins have a series of differentiations from each other, logically because the second one that we have named is a derivative, so the increase in security and the possibility of additional transactions may be possible compared to the traditional design and programming of Bitcoin in general.

What technical differences do both currencies have

Talking about the differences between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash is a bit complicated, many of the websites that we find will be able to inform you about the multiple ways to acquire them, but really one of the points in favor of the latter is that it is not that complicated or different. its working with the original. However, going beyond the superficial we can find the following differences of a technical nature:

Playback and erase protection

When deciding to use cryptocurrencies, regardless of whether it is Bitcoins or Bitcoins Cash, surely one of your constant concerns is that your cryptocurrencies may disappear, let us tell you that both virtual currencies have their own hash algorithms, that is, they have their own blocks that from a general point of view form something similar to an identification.

With this individualized function they generate authenticity to the transaction and since both have their own characteristics, they reduce to this extent the possibility of being duplicated or eliminated by third parties, in the same way it is advisable to use other measures that help you keep your money safe.

chain stability

The new technology implemented in Bitcoin Cash allows greater stability and number of blocks, while Bitcoin uses 1 MB, Bitcoin Cash extends the possibility up to 8 MB, there is even the possibility of increasing the figure, of course this already depends on the team of programmers and the improvements that they make in the future to this cryptocurrency, ensuring agility in the transactions per minute made.


If you still do not know the meaning of these letters, let us clarify it for you, they refer to the emergency difficulty settings, in principle they are a certain algorithmic number that is responsible for carrying out when there are changes completely to be pointed out as: regarding the miners, the latter we remind you are the ones in charge of decrypting and processing transactions earning bitcoins for it and generating new coins.

Why a Blockchain Fork Occurred With These Coins

In simple terms to understand, they are alterations suffered by the codes or blocks, these being developed by work groups, there is the possibility that the way of proceeding reaches a point where it is necessary to change it, that is, they generate changes in the structure by this happen they are creating a new cryptocurrency, these modifications have occurred both accidentally and premeditated, an example of planning is Bitcoin Cash

This last one is not the first fork that exists and according to the facts it may not be the last either, but in recent years it has been the most named and praised for its improvements and comfortable use.

What type of investor is each coin designed for and why

If you are one of those who like to generate extra income and have come to use crypto games such as plants vs undead, you know perfectly well that cryptocurrencies play a crucial role, it is therefore important to identify the profitability of buying any type of virtual currency to ensure a good investment that in the long or short term generates assets to benefit you.


Those who decide to invest using this currency are really betting on a known and safe area, at least in general terms, because all electronic money used outside a bank does not have greater protection and security. It works slower because of its 1MB limitation, but it’s the original version so the traditional model is efficient if you’ve seen other people and feel more comfortable with a coin that’s a long time old.


The use of this currency is not reserved for a specific type of investor either, it is a little more that attends to your qualities, if you are a little more open and do not have any inconveniences in taking risks, this currency is the one for you, in the In recent months it has been considered for its possibility of implementing improvements and comforts by those who acquire them to invest.

Do the factors that affect Bitcoin also affect Bitcoin Cash

The rise and fall of any cryptocurrency is influenced by various factors, whether it is the demand and supply of the same, if you make a comparison you will be able to observe that when the value of Bitcoin decreases, this is what happens with the second, first because they are derivatives, so it is logical that if something affects bitcoin it will have its impact to a greater or lesser extent on Bitcoin Cash.

What is the main difference between both currencies

The main difference between the two is undoubtedly the increase in capacity, increasing to 8 MB is limiting the transaction time to just a few minutes, the operations doubled compared to Bitcoin. The price has a marked difference too, Bitcoin Cash is considerably cheaper than the original so it is ideal for those who hoped to acquire Bitcoins at a low price.

To acquire any type of virtual currency, you must verify that the website of your wallet is certified to avoid fraud or unsuccessful transactions.

Can you do everything that can be done with Bitcoin with Bitcoin Cash

In general terms yes, because both are virtual currencies so the same transactions can be carried out, as long as they comply with the correct operation and process, they are like any currency they work as a mode of exchange so do not worry and if it is at your disposal acquire them do it by evaluating which one meets your needs.

Is Bitcoin Cash a copy of the original currency or an evolution

Up to this point you have surely realized that being a derivative of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash is an improvement on the original, without a doubt we are facing an evolution of the first currency, the incredible improvements that make it one of the bets for the that many investors decide to bet on.

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